Head Coach

Coach Ed Kurth

is in his 14th season as Pewaukee's head wrestling coach. This will be his 19th overall season as a head coach and his 27th year as a coach in the sport. Across three conferences, two divisions and with two different teams, his overall conference record as a head coach is 104-6 with 15 Conference Championships, 11 Regional Titles and five Sectional Titles. He remains the only coach in Wisconsin history to reach the Team State Tournament with teams from Division One and Division Two. 

 Assistant Coach

Coach Brad Nutting

has been coaching Pewaukee Wrestlers for the last five years, coinciding with the Pirates rise into the state rankings. His collegiate experience and insight have raised the level of wrestling throughout the weight classes and his assessment of the competition has been an invaluable resource. Coach Nutting makes every effort to give time to his team while working as a chiropractor in downtown Pewaukee. 


Coach Tony Senner

transferred to Pewaukee in 2000 as a junior with a 2-9 record. He began the season, 0-5, but a 16-match winning streak at the end earned him a conference title and a trip to the State Tournament. Coach Senner knows all about the moves and the attitude needed to lift wrestlers to the next level and he remains an outstanding teacher and resource for each Pirates wrestler. Coach Senner is a former #1-ranked jujitsu fighter and continues to train, teach and compete in that endeavor as well.


Coach Mike Zillmer

is a former Pewaukee wrestler and teammate of Coach Kurth. He reached the conference finals in his senior year and, since then, has continued to work with Pewaukee youth both as a football and wrestling coach. Coach Zillmer understands the importance of solid fundamentals and chooses to work mostly with the Junior Varsity squad to ensure each wrestler has the foundation for future upper-level success.