First Week of Practice:

As practice begins it will be important to remember a few key things for your sons:

1) Hygiene is a must!

Wrestlers must shower before they leave the school each night. It is important to have soap, shampoo and towels ready for practice each day. Also clothes should be washed each night and never worn two days in a row without cleaning.


2) Practice Attendance

Wrestlers are expected to attend each practice on time. If there is an instance that a wrestlers must leave early or miss a practice, they should notify the coaching staff. We understand that certain appointments must take place after school, however we would hope that each wrestler notifies the staff beforehand.

***Notification must be via E-mail AND in person to Coach Kurth***


3) Grades

Pewaukee Wrestlers have taken pride in the recent academic achievements. We emphasize that school comes first, and often times attempt to put studying into our practice regimen. It is a school rule that you must maintain a minimum GPA and grade requirement to participate in wrestling. However coach Kurth will check and be notified of any misconduct inside the classroom, regardless of grades. 


4) Attitude

Attitude is everything, especially within this sport. The wrestlers should know that the coaching staff is working extremely hard to bring home a  team state championship this year. The ability for the wrestlers to maintain a coachable attitude is essential to having a successful season. These wrestlers represent a team. Each action taken by the wrestler is a direct reflection on the team. We pride ourselves on having a respectful, determined attitude.